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The album abounds in sparse and tasteful musical arrangements and splendid details which become even more prominent after several listenings. The musicians skillfully create a certain mood by serving us fabulous and a bit astonishing mixture of various musical influences and inspirations. And yet it contains no artificial ingredients that could ruin the original flavor of Quidam's music.

"Saiko" is the end result of enormous creativity of the six mature musicians who possess exquisite artistry as well as courage to explore simpler musical forms that ultimately help create the mood. That's why sometimes a single sustained note when used in the right place at the right time can be more fascinating than hundreds of notes.

Quidam's characteristic airiness in sound, noticeable earlier on "Alone Together", can also be heard on "Saiko". Subtle piano parts, flute pieces and guitar solos are hard to forget.

Quidam's new album is mature, optimal, dynamic, sparing, atmospheric and, above all, beautiful.

"Saiko" means meeting with the renewed and clearly transformed band which is full of instrumental verve!

Song lyrics written by Bartek Kossowicz and Maciek Meller perfectly correspond with the music. Their unique structure relates to the poetics of everyday life, boldly reaches for slang elements and neologisms which help create a distinct and emotional world of SAIKO.

It is worth noting that after quite a long break Quidam has finally returned to writing lyrics in their native Polish language. English lyrics appear only in song titled "Roller" featuring guest vocals by talented Polish vocalist Natalia Grosiak (who leads two projects Mikromusic and Digit All Love). "Saiko" was produced by Robert Szydlo and mastered by Marcin Bors (they both are very well known from their collaboration with Polish top rock acts).

English translation of the lyrics is included in a special insert added to this very elegant deluxe digibook edition of the album.

Impressive album artwork was once again designed by Michal Florczak (known for designing both "Alone Together" and "Strong Together" artwork).